Executive Team

Benjamin A. Levenson – Founder and Chairman of the Board

As co-founder of Origins Recovery Centers, Ben Levenson brings the strategic vision and executive leadership to the Origins organization. Ben’s deep love for recovery and compassion for those with addictive illness and their families was born out of his own harrowing battle with and recovery from chronic addiction. Through Ben’s extraordinary recovery experience, he launched Origins Recovery Centers as an enduring beacon of hope to those afflicted. Ben has charged Origins with a legacy to continually develop, improve and provide highly-effective systems of comprehensive addiction treatment. Ben’s passion keeps him on the ‘front lines’ where he speaks publicly on addiction treatment issues and lobbies for improvements in quality and availability of treatment. Ben’s passionate advocacy for recovery extends globally as he works with governments and programs internationally for the advancement of the treatment sciences. Ben actively serves on numerous distinguished boards, including, but not limited to, C4, a global non-profit corporation set to help improve the effectiveness of substance abuse prevention and recovery services, the Center for Students in Recovery at University of Texas at Austin Campaign Advisory Council, the South Padre Island Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and the South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce. In his personal time, Ben takes pleasure in being with his family, playing golf, fly fishing and traveling abroad.

Michael J. Levenson – Co-Founder

Co-founder Michael Levenson is one of the primary people responsible for making Origins Recovery Centers a reality. He has over thirty-five years of experience in business, including being the president of a bank at only twenty-six years old and eventually the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of a New York Stock Exchange-listed company. He has vast experience in other industries as well. Michael takes great pleasure assisting Origins clients in learning about financial responsibility, job resumes, career choices, how to interview for a job and more, all as part of The Origins Experience™.

Drew Rothermel – Chief Executive Officer

Drew RothermelBio Coming Soon!!

Robert Park, LCDC – Executive Director, Executive Vice President

Robert Park_SmRob has been involved with the field of addiction recovery in a variety of capacities for most of his life. From working as a Director of Admissions to being more directly involved with patient care as a Case Manager, he embraces a holistic approach to healing both mind and body and believes strongly in the Origins Experience. Being a recovered addict/alcoholic himself, Rob understands that personal experience is an essential part of someone’s ability to help others achieve sobriety, that you cannot transmit something that you, yourself, do not have. This belief is continued through his work with mindfulness, psychospiritual and experiential based therapies, which include the concepts of wholeness and acceptance of the disowned parts of the Self as a strong base from which someone struggling with addiction can embrace the process of recovery. He fosters the concept that awareness itself promotes wholeness and healing. As a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Rob combines his years of experience at other prominent treatment and recovery centers with his hands on work helping addicts find their own path to recovery, to create an unsurpassed system of Organizational Health. Being the Executive Director, his passion for helping others and his expertise at making systems and departments work together cohesively give him the opportunity to optimize fluidity and enhance overall patient care here at Origins. He continues to further his education and feels driven to learn more about himself and the world around him. In his personal time he loves to play golf, travel, listen to live music, outdoor activities, and eat well.

Mandy Baker, MS – Executive Program Director, Vice President

Mandy Baker joins the Origins Team after spending ten years at the nationally-recognized Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery at Texas Tech University. With her colleagues at Texas Tech, Mandy managed the development of multiple recovery support systems at colleges and universities across the nation. Her deep understanding and study of the 18-25 year old demographic has resulted in numerous publications in academic journals, books, curricula, and popular press outlets. In addition to her professional connections in clinical and academic settings, Mandy also draws upon her own experience as a recovered woman in her work with alcoholics and addicts. In her spare time, Mandy is completing her doctoral dissertation using data from MAP Accountability Services and spending time with her family.

Dr. Alex Kudisch, MD., DFAPA – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kudisch serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Origins Recovery Center. Dr. Kudisch is Board Certified in Psychiatry with a specialty focus in both adult and child psychiatry. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and is professionally affiliated with numerous hospitals in Texas. Dr. Kudisch has extensive experience treating the chemically dependent and dual diagnosed patient in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Psychiatry at San Antonio. In addition, he holds Appointments at the Texas Medical Association Committee on Medicaid and the Uninsured, also the Department of Family Health Services Ad Hoc Committee on Psychotropic Medications Oversight in the Foster Care System, and the Commissioners Round table. He is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Tropical Texas Behavioral Health. Dr. Kudisch maintains a private practice in McAllen, Texas and is passionate about spending time with his family, traveling abroad, exercise, art and golf. Professionally, he advocates strongly for increasing Mental Health Care Access in South Texas.

William Warren Prater, MD – Director of Utilization Review

William attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, receiving his M.D. Degree in 1979, following undergraduate work at Abilene Christian University. Immediately following his residency training at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas and Lubbock General Hospital, he embarked on a distinguished career in Addiction Medicine. He was one of the original group certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine in 1987, and has over 25 years of experience in the field. He has been Medical Director of Adult Addiction Disorder at both Charter Hospital of Dallas and HCA Willow Park Hospital at Medical Center of Plano, supervising the Chemical Dependency Program and providing daily group psychotherapy sessions. While in Plano he directed the Prater Group, an outpatient Chemical Dependency Program utilizing a 12-step program in addition to psychopharmacology, EEG biofeedback and holotrophic breathwork. This program was also a TCADA approved training center, supervising and training many interns while it was in active practice. He also has been a Medical Director for Horizon Hospital, an adolescent chemical dependency program in Dallas, and worked as a staff Addiction Medicine physician for several years at La Hacienda Treatment Center in Hunt, TX, where he managed the inpatient detox unit, as well as at Starlite Village Hospital In Center Point, TX. He also practiced in the Prudent Opiate Pain Program dealing with pain management, and has been a frequent guest lecturer at several Texas colleges and universities. Addiction medicine has been Dr. Prater’s passion for the majority of his years of practice, helping patients cope with their chemical addiction from both the physical and psychological perspective. With his dedication and experience to the field of Addiction Medicine he has served as a patient advocate and Utilization Review Manager here at Origins since January 2011.

Beverly Skloss, RN, MSN – Director of Nursing

Prior to becoming full time at Origins, Beverly was our Senior Nursing Consultant, and brings to us a wide range of experience and training. She completed her graduate work at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, earning a Master of Science in Nursing with a specialty in psychiatric nursing, mental health, and substance abuse. She has over 24 years of dedication to nursing, with extensive experience in administration, leadership, and management. This includes 12 years in Behavioral Health/Addictive disorders involving detoxification and other inpatient and outpatient services for those with dual diagnosis. She served 17 years of this time at Valley Baptist Health System with her most recent experience being Director of Education. In addition to her work here at Origins, Beverly serves as Adjunct faculty for the Professional Nursing Program at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, and has recently served 6 years on the Texas Board of Nursing Advisory Committee for Education. She continues this role as a nursing school survey consultant. Beverly is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing as well as being the President of the Board of Directors for the Rio Grande Valley Council, a non-profit agency that provides substance abuse education, prevention and treatment services for schools and communities in South Texas. In her own words “Living on South Padre Island, working for the ultimate addictions treatment center, and working in the field I love the most is my life’s dream that has become reality.” Beverly loves walking on the beautiful South Padre Island beaches, boating, and spending time with her family.

Staci Levenson – Director of Operations

Staci transitioned to Origins from the innovative MAP program where she was part of its successful introduction and implementation. Now, as our Director of Operations, Staci is responsible for oversight of all the behind-the-scenes details necessary to keep a Recovery Center running smoothly and efficiently. From procedural policies to the financial operations, if it happens at Origins then Staci has a role in it. She first became involved in drug and alcohol recovery early on when family members developed problems with addiction, needing the help and support of those closest to them. This brought her into the recovery community, and from that introduction she has continued to do volunteer and service work in support of others needing help. Now that Staci is directly involved with all facets of recovery, she can watch the patients grow and has come to understand not only their challenges, but the rewards they realize when they graduate addiction free. She especially enjoys family week, when families are reunited with their loved ones who, after more than a month of recovery work, appear happy and excited about their lives, often for the first time in many years.

Kacy Ritter – Director of Alumni Services

Kacy Ritter is a recovered alcoholic and drug addict who sobered up in the Texas Hill Country in 2009. Since her initial awakening to freedom, she has been blessed to work alongside many men and women along their path to permanent sobriety. Having been rescued from the hopeless state of alcoholism and drug addiction, she is enthusiastic to share the solution that was so freely given to her. She is passionate about recovery and dedicated to providing guidance for the clients and alumni of Origins. Kacy is a an active member within respective 12 Step fellowships, and is currently seeing a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling.

Penny M. Brewer, CPA – Controller

Mrs. Brewer is a CPA with over 17 years experience in industry and public accounting. She is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Tyler where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and graduated Cum Laude. She has worked for the founders of Origins Recovery Centers for many years in their varied interests. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and most of all watching her two sons play sports.

TJ Howard, BS, LCDC-I – Director of Admissions

TJ HowardTJ is a Certified Criminalist and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of North Texas, where he worked as a teacher and a private tutor. TJ also did his post-graduate work in the biology and chemistry fields at the University of North Texas. He is dedicated to helping and working with other alcoholics and addicts. TJ, personally in recovery from addiction, has been a strong member of twelve step community in Dallas Texas. In his personal time he enjoys sports, reading, and spending time with his family.

Kerri Cascio, LCDC – Admissions Specialist

Kerri Cascio has been working in the addiction treatment field for over 10 years. She came to Origins from Dallas, Tx. where she was the Assistant Executive Director managing one of the largest non-profit substance abuse facilities in the state. Kerri is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and has used her talents to help those who not only suffer from addiction and alcoholism, but clients with co-occurring mental health disorders, HIV, GLBT, and criminal justice histories. Personally, Kerri is a grateful recovered addict with over 11 years of sobriety. She continues to use her experience and passion for the 12 steps to assist others on their journey into a new life.

Stephan Marion – Admissions Specialist

Stephan Marion_SmBio Coming Soon!!

Dakota Profitt – Intake Specialist

Dakota Profitt-SmDakota is a shining example of the positive effect a well-grounded program of recovery can achieve, especially in someone so young and burdened with addiction for most of his adult life. Battling homelessless, and in and out of treatment since he was 16, Dakota chose to find a fresh start by putting into practice the 12 Steps of recovery, and finding a higher power to guide him through the self-affirming recovery process. After winning his battle with heroin and methamphetamine addiction, he has taken it upon himself to spread his newfound hope and joy of living sober to others afflicted with this terrible disease. Working with the men at the Origins Recovery Center main campus gives him the perfect venue to discuss his own successful recovery experience with others, looking to turn their life around. By sharing his insights and educating clients on how to properly implement the 12 Step process, Dakota continues the tradition of passing along the torch of success so that others can learn to take control of their life, often for the first time in their life, to lead happy and productive lives as clean and sober individuals. In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and writing his own music.

Raul Cartagena – Continuum of Care Director

Raul Cartagena is a recovered alcoholic from Brooklyn, New York. Raul moved to central Texas in 1991, where he made his home with his family. He has been sober since 2004 with the assistance of the 12-step community and has since made addiction recovery the central focus of his life. Mr. Cartagena has many years of experience working in the field of addiction recovery, and he advocates strongly on behalf of those who suffer and are in need of quality treatment.In his spare time he enjoys being with his family, prayer and carrying ‘this message’ of hope.

Chad Lentscher – Director of Program Operations

Chad Lentscher-sMChad Lentscher is a recovered drug addict and alcoholic who has been a part of Origins Recovery Centers since its first year of operation. He is dedicated to a life based on the principles of the 12 steps and passionate about sharing this way of life with others. Chad is currently a senior at the LeTourneau University where he is earning a degree in education. His steady personality and humorous approach to life bodes well with the community at Origins.

Jody Guerra – Community Relations Representative

Jody has been in the field of alcohol and drug abuse/recovery counseling for more than 20 years, with much of that time practicing as a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADAC) as well as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He has been involved in a variety of capacities, including both nonprofit and private practice counseling, Program Director for an outpatient 12-step program, Marketing and business development, as well as work in adolescent leadership development for over 15 years. This diversity of involvement in the industry is an example of his dedication and true passion for the Ministry of saving lives, and the depths he has gone to provide a means for people to overcome the disease of addiction from both a professional and personal directive. It has been his calling, and he is proud to be part of this altruistic movement to help people help themselves beyond the adversity of addiction, to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Being born, raised and still living in nearby McAllen, the Valley has been Jody’s home his entire life. He has been happily married for 20 years and has 2 great kids.

Rick Hubbard – Community Relations Representative

Rick represents Origins as the Community Relations Liaison for the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He comes with a background rich in managerial and community relations experience. Having studied Finance while at college, Rick’s early career in that field culminated with his founding Revere Mortgage Banking Corp., and functioning as its CEO until 1999. It was at this time that Rick starting working in the recovery industry, where he has worked at both The Watershed of the Palm Beaches, and Serenity Foundation of Texas as the Community Relations Director for many years. Rick brings his years of experience to Origin’s in order to cultivate our presence within the Dallas/Ft. Worth community, to better serve their recovery needs and be a resource for those chartered with helping people caught in a battle with addiction. In Rick’s own words…

“It is an honor and a privilege to join an organization as well managed and as highly regarded as Origins Recovery Centers. I have observed the deliberate structuring of a high quality administrative, clinical and recovery support team at Origins over the past few years, and I am impressed with the sophisticated nature of the programming offered to the patients and families finding recovery here. I am proud to represent Team Origins as a member of the Community Relations department, and I look forward to a long and fulfilling career with this organization.”

Jaime Loera, BA – Community Relations Representative

Jaime Loera earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. He has been an active member in the recovery community for over twelve years and remains dedicated personally and professionally to helping those afflicted with chemical dependency. Jaime has worked for a number of the most prominent drug and alcohol treatment providers in both Texas and Nevada. He has had the honor of working with his fellow members of 12 Step Fellowships to create a passionate recovery community in Austin, Texas. Jaime enjoys spending his personal time with his family, loves nature and distance running.

Bo Claypool – Director of Multimedia Marketing

Bo is a talented web marketer whose experience with Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing pre-dates even the existence of Google itself.  While he maintains a parallel career as a physician recruiter, and is educated and experienced as a physician group practice consultant, Bo’s primary strategic initiative is to increase awareness of the Origins brand through various channels, inclusive of the Origins web presence.  Bo is passionate about his position with Origins and  he wishes to always make it easy for prospective patients and their families to learn about  Origins online, as he knows Origins provides life-saving care with an unsurpassed degree of compassion and an unwillingness to provide anything but total dedication to the the recovery process.

Cara Holbrook – Wellness Chef

Cara Holbrook_SmCara has always had a passion for preparing and eating great food, in all its wonderful forms and with all of its geographic and ethnic variety. After a personal experience left her unable to eat most of her favorite foods, she realized that relearning what she thought she knew about food was necessary to accommodate her newly discovered appreciation for proper diet and nutrition. This turned her attention and considerable talents toward creating and preparing meals which are designed to fit the requirements of different ailments and physical demands. Through her studies in Macrobiotic cuisine in Austin, TX after college, she learned about how food is broken down in the body and how to properly cook for the varying nutritional and digestive demands required by different physical conditions and circumstances. She began applying this knowledge working on the opening team of the Austin My Fit Foods, where she created two of their specific diet lines as well as managing the kitchen team. Following that experience she went to the downtown Austin Whole Foods Market and worked on their healthy eating program, helping to create some of the meals and foods that are now sold nationwide. This success was rewarded by a promotion to Venue Supervisor, managing three different restaurants inside the store and allowing her the pleasure of cooking for several celebrity guests.

Cara loves to study nutrition in her spare time and is always looking to educate and instill passion in other people to love healthy eating as she does. Not a believer in fad diets or celebrity endorsed weight loss pills, Cara prefers wholesome, made from scratch cooking with natural flavors and lots of variety. For our clients in recovery she makes every effort to create tasty yet easily digestible food by using naturally sweetened, low sodium, low allergen, and high fiber foods. Quoting from Benjamin Franklin, Cara sums up her philosophy on food as “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

Amanda Armstrong – Human Resources Coordinator

Amanda Armstrong Modified-SmHaving graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in Psychology, Amanda brings her exceptional organizational and communication skills to the complex world of recovery here at Origins. While not in recovery herself, she understands first-hand the effects of alcoholism and the destruction it can create within a family. Personally, she has great admiration for individuals who have gone through the recovery process and rebuilt strong and happy lives. In her spare time Amanda enjoys working creatively, target shooting, taekwondo and playing with her dog, Ziggi.

Claire Smith – Operations Assistant

Claire Smith-SmClaire Smith is originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana. After multiple attempts, Claire, at the young age of 18, finally Claire finally got sober in Enid, Oklahoma. She is very proud and extremely grateful to be a recovered addict and alcoholic.

Claire considers herself to be very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of adolescents and young adult females suffering from addiction. She has been doing work like this over the last 4 years, while sharing her own experiences, strengths and hopes with her clients. For Claire, working with people who seek to recover is highly fulfilling on a number of levels.

Claire has attended Northern Oklahoma College with a major in Psychology. Her hobbies include golf, oil painting, photography, cooking and cultivating her own spiritual growth. She also very much enjoys spending time with her Yorkshire Terrier, Layla.

Jim Livingston – Operations Specialist

Jim Livingston-SmJim is a recovered alcoholic, having been sober since December 3, 1988. He originally became involved with recovery, in Port Huron, MI, but now applies his extensive experience and knowledge to working with the clients here at Origins, where his easy going style and manner help him provide an enduring example of what a future free from addiction can be. Jim is very active in the 12-step community, both locally and when he travels. He has helped start new 12-step groups and has continued to support them in various communities. He very much likes to help newcomers discover a new way of enjoying life without the burden of addiction, and providing an example of how service work and maintaining active involvement in the community play a major part in any successful recovery process. In his spare time he likes to work on his vehicles and is known to always have new joke ready to deliver when the situation calls for one.

Bianca Montalvo – Clinical Liaison

Bianca Montalvo-SmBianca has always felt driven to help people and to be a positive influence in their lives. After hearing about Origins from a friend and reading about our program of addiction recovery online, she knew she had found an environment where she would be able to apply her extensive experience in communication and public relations to accomplish just that. With a varied background which includes community relations for political action committees and campaigns, promoting positive public awareness for various Texas media and communication companies, as well as coordinating events and advertising production programs, Bianca has a proven ability to organize and manage relationships with the goal of mutually benefiting both parties. These skills, combined with her desire to help those in need, are directly applicable to the work Origins does to repair the lives of people broken by a life of addiction. Her attention to the details of maintaining clear communication between the client, their families and the staff dedicated to helping addicts overcome their addiction is vital to the success of Origins’ world-class program of recovery. She really enjoys being part of the process to restore the lives of people living with crippling addiction, and is thankful that her experience can be positively applied to help people who desperately need a second chance to lead fulfilling and productive lives. Her gifts of patience and paying attention to what is being said affords her the opportunity to make the positive impact on lives she has always striven to provide.

Bianka Cruz – Executive Assistant

Bianka Cruz-SmBio Coming Soon!!

Kristy Mansor – Receptionist

Bio Coming Soon!!

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