MAP Program

The Origins MAP Program

Experts in Relapse Prevention and Recovery Course Correction™

Who is MAP?

MAP Accountability Services, LLC is an innovative and sophisticated organization that is the creator of the revolutionary 12-step based Origins MAP Program. Through its Monitoring and Accountability Program, MAP is changing the field of recovery by successfully detecting early relapse behaviors and course correcting before a substance use event occurs. The Origins MAP Program can significantly enhance recovery rates and deliver unparalleled quality post-treatment recovery support to participants throughout the United States. MAP’s innovative characteristics lie in the combined use of leveraging clinically developed technology with highly-trained MAP Program Specialists to deliver comprehensive and superior
recovery support.

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The Origins MAP Program Highlights

  • Effectively detects and course corrects early relapse behaviors;
  • Real-time recovery analysis by clinically designed, state-of-the-art software;
  • Receive monitoring and recovery support from an assigned highly-trained MAP Specialist;
  • Offers over 200 participant contacts throughout the year;
  • 18 – 21 toxicology screenings collected at over 7,000 localized laboratories;
  • 15 monthly MAP Reports™ that include narrative and graphical tracking of client progress and activity;
  • Phone and video conference based support with MAP Specialists for client and stakeholders;
  • Implements a safety net and a plan of action in the event of complete and total relapse;
  • Gender specific monitoring.

The Origins MAP Program Objectives:

  • Detect and course correct hallmark relapse and enabling behaviors;
  • Effectively removes unhealthy policing and enabling from the family system;
  • Reinforce a healthy program of recovery composed of meeting attendance, step work, having a sponsor, service work, etc.;
  • Encourage and reinforce rigorous honesty, integrity, and other vital recovery behaviors;
  • Transition clients into a balanced life of sustainable, long-term sobriety;
  • Identifying and Preventing Relapse.

The number one objective of the Origins MAP Program is to detect early relapse behaviors in alcoholics/addicts and course correct before substance use occurs. Relapse begins as a mental process that manifests as behaviors long before substance use resumes; substance use is simply the final act in total and complete relapse. The Origins MAP Program is specifically designed to detect hallmark relapse behaviors like missed therapy appointments, insufficient meeting attendance, dishonesty, integrity issues, missed commitments, problems within home and family life and unhealthy lifestyle choices. By aggregating this vital information from a variety of independent sources, the MAP Specialists are able to draw informed conclusions about the actual state of the client’s recovery and take customized corrective action to get them back on course. While ultimately the decision to embrace sobriety is in the hands of the addict/alcoholic, the Origins MAP Program is pivotal in orchestrating an environment for lasting recoveryfrom the disease of addiction.

MAP Technology

In order to maintain a solid program of recovery, an addict/alcoholic must remain mindful and attentive to all aspects of their life. A successful recovery requires the balance of: a solid program, rigorous honesty, high-integrity, positive relationships and a healthy lifestyle. People in recovery engage in subconscious behavioral patterns that impact sobriety either positively or negatively. To identify the influence of these behavioral patterns on a person’s recovery from addiction provides an invaluable perspective. MAP’s driving purpose is to identify these behaviors that indicate a pending relapse and provide corrective support before it happens.

MAP is the pioneer in leveraging algorithm-driven technology to help addicts and alcoholics recover from the disease of addiction. Driven by the desire to increase rates of long-term sobriety and positive outcomes, MAP professionals designed a complex, state-of-the-art, algorithm based software with tens-of-thousands of variables. The MAP software does not replace the human component, but gives the MAP Specialist previously unknown information that greatly enhances the quality of recovery support. The revolutionary essence of the MAP technology is the unique ability to accurately identify even the most subtle of relapse behaviors. MAP’s technology is able to analyze one’s personal recovery on a microscopic level. From this granular view, Specialists are able to extract information the human brain cannot detect from the traditional monitoring interaction. As an ultimate result, Specialists can identify behavioral trends and patterns that foretell impending relapses, use events and other occurrences that may be detrimental to one’s recovery.

Like a modern weather station can forecast where a hurricane will make landfall days in advance, using the MAP technology, the Specialist can see hurricanes coming on a client’s horizon and course correct before impact. The dynamic nature of the MAP technology can accurately and intelligently predict the direction an alcoholic/addict is likely to go based on where they currently are. With a glimpse into a client’s likely future, the Specialists are empowered to precisely identify dangerous relapse behaviors and redirect from the destructive path. Through the combined use of powerful technology and highly trained MAP Specialists, MAP Accountability Services, LLC has set a new standard for relapse prevention and recovery support.

The MAP Specialist

MAP has a fundamental philosophical belief that only an alcoholic can help an alcoholic. Each and every MAP Specialist is in solid, long-term recovery from substance abuse. From their personal recovery experience, the Map Specialists incorporate their own 12-step based insight, wisdom and successes into the monitoring process.

In order to become a MAP Specialist, an individual undergoes a rigorous interview process that includes background checks and an in-depth analysis of their own personal recovery. Prior to taking on their first clients, all MAP Specialists engage in extensive training on topics such as early relapse behaviors, boundary setting, verbal communication strategies, co-dependence/enabling behaviors and a host of other recovery related issues they may encounter while providing recovery support. Further, Specialists receive intensive on-going education each quarter to reinforce their skills and keep them up-to-date on the latest trends emerging from the field of addiction recovery.

In the background, Specialists work in strategically designed teams that meet each day to review their cases and offer insight to one another to more effectively provide recovery support to their clients. While a single Specialist interfaces with the client and their stakeholders, a host of astute recovery minds are working together to provide exceptional service to each client. In the spirit of successful 12-step programs, Specialists only monitor members of their own gender.

Many of MAP’s Specialists also dealt with chronic relapse at some point in their journey and are able to understand the clients, their struggles and the essential steps to reach long-term sobriety from substance abuse. Our MAP Specialists do not replace the sponsor, the family or the therapist, but they provide positive reinforcement and direction regarding those relationships. The MAP Specialist is among the most highly-skilled and qualified individuals providing recovery support today. Through the Specialist’s unmatched direction and leadership, the recovering addict/alcoholic greatly increases their likelihood to transition, relapse-free, into a life of balance and sobriety.

How it Works

Often addicts and alcoholics will tell the whole truth, just not to any one person. Therefore, at the time of enrollment in Origins MAP Program, we obtain legal consent to speak with a client’s family members, therapist, sponsor, housemate(s) and others. Using sophisticated, custom-designed software, we construct and analyze a complete view of the facts in order to determine whether our client is successfully progressing by detecting discrepancies, inconsistencies or concerning trends and behaviors. From these findings, the MAP Specialist can compassionately confront and hold the client accountable in an effort to effect the changes necessary to sustain recovery. Further, Origins MAP Program is designed to leverage the existing clinical information learned about a client during primary treatment. With the totality of this information, our Specialists are able to reinforce where there are strengths and provide constructive recovery support, wisdom and encouragement where there are weaknesses.

MAP partners with over 7,000 conveniently located drug testing sites around the United States – service is available in virtually every town. MAP clients are subject to frequent randomized drug and alcohol screening (see schedule below). Additionally, MAP Specialists can request immediate drug screens when behavioral indicator see indicators suggest there may be a problem. The screening itself is a comprehensive urine-based test designed to detect use of illicit substances and alcohol. The screening lab results are provided monthly in the MAP Report™ and can be made available (with client consent) to family members, attorneys, courts, employers and licensing boards in order to evidence a client’s continued sobriety.

Origins MAP Program offers over 200 participant contacts throughout the year consisting of:

  • 84 direct client contact sessions offering recovery support and accountability;
  • 41 collateral contacts to 12-step sponsor, therapist, housemates, probation,;
  • lawyers, employers or other persons as my be designated;
  • 47 family contacts to foster healthy relationships, remove enabling and provide family support;
  • 18 – 21 toxicology screenings collected at over 7,000 localized laboratories;
  • 15 monthly MAP Reports™ including narrative and graphical tracking of client progress/activity;
  • Phone and video conference support with MAP Specialists for client, family and collateral contacts.

For the Family

Work closely with the MAP Specialist to help facilitate your own restoration to sanity.

For meaningful sobriety to occur we must foster an environment where trust returns, hyper-vigilance subsides and old patterns of enabling cease. Our program specializes in providing a buffer between you and your loved one in recovery. Through close and frequent support from the MAP Specialist you will receive guidance and direction in your relationship with your loved one. By getting a clear picture of your family system you will become more mindful of the positive role you can have in their recovery. With our Specialists in place, you are removed from the tiresome and unhealthy position of policing your loved one.

The stress, helplessness, and anxiety

Loving an alcoholic/addict is not easy. Whether the afflicted is your child, spouse, sibling, parent or friend, it is impossible to not feel the effects of their addiction on your well-being. We understand the emotional and spiritual toll the disease can take on those around a using alcoholic/addict. The sleepless nights, the endless worry and the fear of receiving “that call” robs us of peace and serenity.

We remain hyper-vigilant and become obsessed with doing whatever we can to “make them well” while we watch our own quality of life deteriorate rapidly into cycles of codependency and anxiety. Our very human nature drives us to go to any lengths to protect and nurture our loved ones in their time of peril, often to our own destruction. Helplessness, panic and desperation push us to the brink. You are not alone in these thoughts and feelings – many of us have been here, too, and recovered.

Why we must play an active and healthy role in our loved one’s recovery

Recovery from the disease of addiction requires the loved ones in the life of an addict/alcoholic to play an active role in their own personal recovery from the effects of the disease. Programs like Al-Anon and personal therapy can be tremendous tools in maintaining your own peace and sense of self amongst the storm. However, we must remain forever mindful of our own behaviors and rigorously work our own programs of recovery. Are our well-intentioned behaviors around the addict/alcoholic really supportive of their recovery, or are we unintentionally enabling the disease? When are we negotiating with the disease, and when are we speaking to our loved one? What role do our own actions play in our loved one’s recovery? These are all questions the families of alcoholics/addicts must ask themselves. We need to identify our own behaviors that may be fueling a using environment and hampering our loved one’s journey through sobriety. The MAP Specialist will work closely with you through the course of a year to help answer these questions and many more. Embarking on your own path of self-examination is vital to achieving lasting peace. Let the Origins MAP Program help you rebuild the relationship with your loved on a healthy foundation.

  • No more monitoring and policing your loved one;
  • No more wondering if your loved one is using;
  • Identify and stop enabling behaviors;
  • Learn to constructively communicate with your loved one;
  • Receive monthly MAP Reports™ on your loved one’s progress;

For the Addict/Alcoholic

Recovery is a journey not a destination. Each journey of wellness presents its own set of obstacles along the way. Recovery from the disease of addiction requires daily maintenance; much like a diabetic takes insulin, an addict/alcoholic must address their disease continuously. Unfortunately, there is no wonder drug or daily shot you can take to cure your chronic disease. The solution lies within your actions. We know this disease is progressive and therefore, requires a continually structured 12-step program to insure success and long-term sobriety.

We know that relapse begins as a mental process that manifests as behaviors long before substance use resumes; substance use is simply the final act in total and complete relapse. Our focus in working with you is to identify these behaviors and provide compassionate support so the necessary adjustments can be made to prevent your return to the desperate life of using and its consequences. You will work closely with your MAP Specialist who is in quality personal recovery. The MAP Specialist has been where you are, and using his/her experience, will help navigate you through early recovery and into sustainable balance.

It is an unfortunate fact that the disease of addiction takes a heavy toll on the families of the addict/alcoholic. We know that a successful part of your recovery is your family playing a healthy and supportive role. In order for healing to occur, the MAP Specialist removes your family from the policing role. How great would it be for your spouse to be your spouse, or your mother to be your mother, instead of being your “recovery program director”? The Origins MAP Program provides a buffer between you and your family regarding key aspects of your recovery. We work with your family to insure that they are also getting the help they need to recover from the collateral damage that the disease has inflicted. For instance, while we are working with your family, they will constantly be encouraged to attend Al-Anon and other programs that exist to help them recover from the effects of the disease. Meanwhile, you are able to focus on your own program, without unhealthy hyper-vigilance or co-dependent behaviors encumbering you along the journey.

MAP, MAP Report, MAP Specialist, Origins MAP Program are all trademarks of MAP Accountability Services, LLC

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